Novembre is a quartet inspired by jazz history and contemporary's music writing technics, but also cinema editing and art collage, construction as David Lynch or Pablo Picasso would do. Diffracted…

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Armel Dupas Trio

After his successful duet projects, WaterBabies (2013) and Upriver (2015), Armel Dupas decides to shift his focus to a trio collaboration. The Electro-Acoustic music genre is a good representation of…

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Ikui Doki © Olivier Hoffshir

Ikui Doki

Ikui Doki, atypical instrumentation band is the meeting of "Dragon" ( female cross-over duet ) and saxophonist/clarinettist Hugues Mayot. Fascinated by creation, articulation between writing and improvisation, the three musicians…

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nOx.3 & Linda Oláh © Olivier Hoffschir

nOx.3 & Linda Olàh

A vibrant ensemble nOx.3 radiates energy and the undying desire of experimentation. By combining different textures and techniques these equilibristic musicians create a playful and generous music. In 2017 the…

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