Armel Dupas Trio

Supported by: Théâtre du Marais - Ville de Challans

After his successful duet projects, WaterBabies (2013) and Upriver (2015), Armel Dupas decides to shift his focus to a trio collaboration. The Electro-Acoustic music genre is a good representation of Armel’s overall colorful musical style. However, this particular trio will have a couple of new shades of “ambient music” and “indie rock”. The spotlight of the trio is Mathieu Penot and Kenny Ruby’s virtuosic play on the analogic synthesizers. On top of their skillful play on synthesizers, Mathieu Penot plays drums and Kenny Ruby plays bass. The upcoming album “A Night Walk” will be released in late 2017. Unlike his other albums, “A Night Walk” shows a very different, sharp edge of Armel Dupas’ musical expression.