nOx.3 & Linda Olàh

Supported by: Le Mans Jazz - Europajazz/Chorus

A vibrant ensemble nOx.3 radiates energy and the undying desire of experimentation. By combining different textures and techniques these equilibristic musicians create a playful and generous music. In 2017 the new project "Inget Nytt" is taking form together with the Swedish singer Linda Oláh. Together they create a music which prioritizes the mix of several contemporary musical practices. An assemblage of complex structures and aerial melodies all brought together in a layered unity where the loop is queen.

The first musical exchanges between the trio and Linda were made during a tour in October 2016. The very first notes played together all took place in front of a live audience in total improvisation. Sprung out of this first encounter are two traks; „Mid Descension" and „Inget nytt", recorded in December 2016.