Go To The Dogs!

Rich in their differences and their funk, folk or rap affinities, the quintet has gathered around a holy trinity: Ornette (Coleman), (John) Zorn and Marc Ribot.

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La Litanie des Cimes

Created in 2019 by violinist Clément Janinet with Elodie Pasquier on clarinets and Bruno Ducret on cello, La Litanie des Cimes plays with long movements, seemingly slow tempos, and harmonic contemplations.

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Surrounded by Sylvain Didou (double bass) and Boris Louvet (drums), pianist Madeleine Cazenave takes us on a chromatic odyssey. We explore with happiness their multicolored spectrum, between the classic waves of Satie and Ravel and the hot-cold tones of Tigran Hamasyan, EST or Gogo Penguin.

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