Artistic and Professional Support – 1st year of the scheme

Jazz Migration offers professional and artistic support to the bands who are successful in joining the scheme. This effort is equally and fairly distributed among all of the participating bands. And since each band’s project will inevitably present its own individual issues and challenges, some aspects of the assistance can be tailor-made to address these specific circumstances.

All of these different initiatives are constructed in co-partnership with individual members of the AJC network (federations, agents, labels, foreign professionals, etc.). During the first year of the scheme, artists are offered a range of information and resources that will help them for the rest of their careers, which can include the following:

  • Training sessions based around themes such as communication, how to increase bookings, the recording industry, dissemination strategies, etc…
  • Workshops / meetings with European professionals and intermediaries in order to understand the specific characteristics of different European markets
  • Regular meetings with the AJC team and with network members
  • Practical and artistic training through teaching modules at the Studio des Variétés
  • Artistic residencies lasting several days to develop music
  • A guaranteed presence at major professional events (trade fairs, major festivals, etc.),

Jazz Migration touring – 2nd year of the scheme

At the end of the support phase, the winners present a 30-minute set at the opening concert in Paris, before starting their Jazz Migration tour, the second year of the scheme.

Each group gives 15-20 concerts in France and Europe, and there is specific funding available to cover the additional costs for promoters who commit to host a Jazz Migration touring band.

Promoters seeking more information on how to programme one of the Jazz Migration bands should contact AJC.

Follow-up after the scheme

After the end of the two-year Jazz Migration scheme, further grants may be awarded to groups who have participated in order to help them with a project, such as recording an album, touring abroad, helping with a major promotional concert, travel assistance, etc. The size of this grant depends on the specific project.

Finally, AJC and its partners remain available to be consulted for advice on artistic development (from network members), or professional/business advice (e.g. on structuring, new collaborations, setting up projects, etc.).

Promotion and marketing

Throughout the successful bands’ involvement in the scheme, Jazz Migration commits to help promote them and to provide them with tools that will be of use for their future careers. These can include:

  • Sending out several newsletters to the press and to the industry
  • A partnership with the Radio France group
  • A partnership with Jazz News
  • Regular advertising campaigns in the specialised and general press
  • A compilation CD or download distributed each year to the press and industry
  • A major communication campaign during international events (jazzahead!, Europe Jazz Network Conference, etc.)
  • The services of a photographer for a photo session
  • Live recording of the opening concert Jazz Migration
  • A continuous presence and updates on the Jazz Migration website and social networks
  • Assembling and maintaining an up-to-date press review and database of contacts
  • Providing a specialist to help with press/communications