Applications are only opened for musicians who lives in France.

A few figures

Last January a total of 93 bands entered the application round for Jazz Migration. This demonstrates the high level of interest and the significance of the scheme in today’s jazz world. Following an open vote in which 130 programmers participated, we have now announced the groups for Jazz Migration #5.

The 12 musicians involved are now entering the artistic and professional support phase. You will be able to see and hear them as they tour in France and in Europe in 2020.

The Jazz Migration scheme

AJC has run Jazz Migration since 2002. It is a programme to support emerging musicians on the French scene. It has helped to raise the profiles of more than 207 musicians and involved the organisation of around 800 concerts. Since 2016, Jazz Migration has provided its successful bands with business planning and professionalization tools. AJC takes a holistic approach to supporting these developing young artists, with an offering that is adapted to the specific needs of jazz musicians.