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Un Poco Loco ©Jean-Baptiste-Millot

Un Poco Loco

Un Poco Loco is what you get when you put together three French modern-day improvisers and let them revisit the bebop repertoire of the 1940s and 50s, with a preference…

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© Jean-Baptiste Millot

Schwab Soro

Raphaël Schwab and Julien Soro have been playing together since they were students at the National Conservatory in Paris (CNSM). Today they both play a key role in Paris-based large…

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Electric Vocuhila

Created in 2010 during a tour with a saxophone/drums duo in Berlin, Vocuhila plays music based in the repetition of melodic and rhythmic motifs and the use improvisation as an…

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CHROMB! is a quartet with strings, reeds, 88 keys and drums in, wired on 220volts, making rock with no guitar, distorted jazz or chamber music for sick kids and emotive…

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