JM#9 Laureates

Adèle Viret Quartet

To compose the essence of this first repertoire, Adèle Viret chose to return to the piano in her childhood home, like a return to the ordinary landscape, to the customary…

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INUI is one of those bands that strive not to reinvent anything but to reinvent themselves in everything. In nature and in chiaroscuro, what emerges from their almost-Inuit throats is…

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Petite Lucette

A dancing stain on the ceiling of the mind unveils a luminous crack, a breathless mechanism at the summit of vertigo, interrupted by questions, vibrating knots, and tiny tears. A…

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After a few initial sessions centered around Ornette Coleman and Steve Lacy, one of whose pieces gives the group its name, Léa Ciechelski (alto sax, flutes), Henri Peyrous (soprano and…

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