Petite Lucette

Supported by: Tourcoing Jazz

A dancing stain on the ceiling of the mind unveils a luminous crack, a breathless mechanism at the summit of vertigo,

interrupted by questions, vibrating knots, and tiny tears.

A race under shadows and ashes draws a world, using a furious charcoal, in the glimmers of shady gouaches that force a smile.

From their changing fabric emerge surprises, falls, and joys,

dancing beings that flicker on the edge of disgruntled melodies.

In a Verveine (TN: Verbena) infused with poetry, a rhythmical silhouette rises from steam, an intense response to the stinging and blue Lacrymos (TN: Tear gases), exposing the grimace of reality to the explosion of hopeful laughter.

Petite Lucette gives us music that remains on high alert,

a radiant fluctuation on deep waters,

in the maze of unknown cities where it dances in anticipation of the commotion, embroidering a delicate cacophony.

It's music that shakes the dryness within us, waters down dormant angers, awakens the desire to ride fireflies,

to listen to the clashing and caressing pebbles of our sorrows,

to embrace the contours, to set our sorrows on fire, to board mocking trains towards enthralling elsewhere, as slow laughers with fervent connections.

Petite Lucette is composed of five virtuoso musicians of the fall, who bring forth the joys of sharp emergences through their intense rhythmicity. With an evolving set of instruments that plays with blending and asserting tones, they unfold powerful polyrhythms in service of narrative, precise, and free compositions. Five musicians whose vibrant presence tears down doors and undoes forms, letting in a shiver of freedom, a breath of silence, into the colorful thickness of jazz touched by the world and the present, vibrating with the sincerity of improvisation and the taste for collective play.

Text: Juliette Kapla | Photo: Sylvain Gripoix


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