Supported by: Millau Jazz

Trio composé par Madeleine Cazenave dont la percussion sonne tranchante sous le bois des touches noires et blanches. La basse de Sylvain Didou et la batterie de Boris Louvet font s’envoler les volutes vers les cimes, ou vers les abysses selon la situation planétaire de l’auditeur.

- Jean-Jacques Birgé,

In the universe of ROUGE, three pigments are enough to unsettle known colors. Surrounded by Sylvain Didou (double bass) and Boris Louvet (drums), pianist Madeleine Cazenave takes us on a chromatic odyssey. We explore with happiness their multicolored spectrum, between the classic waves of Satie and Ravel and the hot-cold tones of Tigran Hamasyan, EST or Gogo Penguin. Their first album Derrière les paupières evokes a stormy crossing, an ethereal and delicate journey towards an inner sunny spell. With a certain ease, these musicians create the conditions for a contemplative and hypnotic immersion, to better drag us down to the heart of the gentle ROUGE storm.