Ikui Doki

Supported by: Paris Jazz Festival

Ikui Doki, atypical instrumentation band is the meeting of "Dragon" ( female cross-over duet ) and saxophonist/clarinettist Hugues Mayot.

Fascinated by creation, articulation between writing and improvisation, the three musicians create a « repertoire » of collective compositions around early XXth century French music . Their music crosses from compositions to free esthetics, jazz, contemporary and Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Faurés works. The XXth century music is a real catalyst for bassoon,harp and saxophone development.

The consequence is great in term of lutherie modernizing, instrumental technique and direct incidence on music composition. (Sacred Dances and layman: for the harp, Scaramouche D.Milhaud for the saxophone, 2 concertos for piano and orchestra(band) of Ravel for the bassoon)

Consequently, this musical material richness offers to Ikui Doki an unlimited ground of experimentation to create an innovating « repertoire » inspirited by the esthetics of jazz and contemporary culture. The initiative of Ikui Doki has the potential to act as a force for cultural transmission centred in a strong French musical identity tradition and creation.