Noé Clerc Trio

Supported by: Festival d'Aix-en-Provence

The jazz magician can create an intimate bond with his audience through the senses, and for his first album, the Noé Clerc Trio has chosen the dreamy way. From the outset, the young trio moves us by revealing its musical intimacy and its various inspirations in “Secret Place”. (…) The ear happily wanders through this secret garden, a painting in which the three young musicians show great maturity in the finesse of their lines and the choice of colours. The palette is daring: blues, contemporary jazz, impressionist and traditional music.

- Album Revelation, Jazz Magazine, Walden Gauthier)

Formed in 2018 with accordionist Noé Clerc (Undectet Band and Magic Malik), bassist Clément Daldosso (Enrico Pieranunzi, Andre Cecarelli ...), and drummer Elie Martin-Charrière (Pierrick Pedron Quartet, Thomas Bramerie " Sides Story's ". ..), the group has won international competitions ("Leopold Bellan" in 2018, "Jazz à St Germain des Près" in 2019, "Prix d'instrumentiste du festival Jazz à la Défense" in 2021). They regularly perform in France (at the "Sunset Sunside", "Avignon Jazz Festival", "Gare Jazz") and abroad ("Studio Five"- Sofia, Bulgaria).

Their first album "Secret Place", released on the NoMadMusic label, features landscapes that are sometimes urban, sometimes wild, speaks of encounters and invites us to travel. It is a virtuoso and highly modern combination of three instruments rarely brought together.