Mamie Jotax

Supported by: D'Jazz Nevers Festival

Mamie Jotax is first and foremost a joyful syllabic chimera, born from a random sneeze and a pinch of onomatopoeia. A bud that jolts the imagination and pervades bewitching and unusual worlds. And then, Mamie Jotax swiftly became a spirit. A bubble filled with ideals, curiosity and madness that hovers over the two musicians. A kind of manifesto in the form of an old suitcase, where the two explorers collect everything on their path that deserves to be kept, and everything that is yet to exist.

Mamie Jotax is also a fraternal and maternal muse, as rough and wrinkled as a thousand-year-old tree, a precious counsellor who bestows her philosophy and grain of madness. Or the eternal child whose mischievousness and enthusiasm illuminate the at-times nebulous mazes of creation.

Mamie Jotax also knows how to don the attire of characters who have marked our lives with their wisdom, their audacity, their fantasy or their genius. She is the cortege of our masters, our devils and our loves.