Supported by: Le Jazz bât la campagne

In just four years time, with an EP and two albums acclaimed by critics (“Echo”, 2020 and "Live Now", 2022), Coccolite trio has earned a special place in the landscape of emerging bands. Nicolas Derand (keyboard), Timothée Robert (bass) and Julien Sérié (drums) have built over time a unique complicity, the best asset for bands that matter, by contributing to each other’s projects.  Among the most prominent sidemen of the French jazz scene, they have established themselves as essential elements before coming together for this collegial project with no leader, as they wished.

In the hybrid universe of Coccolite, jazz merges into the grooves of hip-hop and the synthetic textures of electronic music.  From this meeting of styles with multiple dimensions and limitless potential, the trio drew a sound of an unheard genre, a blend unlike any other, opening the way to new territories, on the borders of improvised music and film music. And if these three are formidable instrumentalists, they are above all storytellers, sound creators of stories brought to life by finely chiseled arrangements and samples, infused with dizzying improvisations. At the same time dancing, spectacular and oneiric but always fascinating, Coccolite's music lifts the veil on the captivating future of instrumental jazz.