Charley Rose Trio

Supported by: Jazz à Oloron
Photos : Sylvain Gripoix

Charley Rose is above all a wonderful timbre, a remarkably soft sound on alto saxophone.  With pianist Enzo Carniel and drummer Ariel Tessier - highly active musicians and well-known tandem within House of Echo - they gathered, without double-bass, for a contemporary jazz trio with a captivating creativity.  Born in Bordeaux, raised in Béarn and the Bask country, Charley went through Spain, Paris, Amsterdam and Basel.  He draws inspiration from the expressionist aesthetics and some composers of the 20th century such as Ravel and Messiaen. As sessions went by, Charley, Enzo and Ariel created a profound friendship, sharing a common vision of life and music, their interest in spirituality, literature and yoga among others.  The poetic compositions of Charley reveal a virtuoso and mischievous program where improvisation is never too far away.  The trio leads us from a rhapsodic ballad with a puzzling rhythm, to a cracked blues shaping dissonant harmonies and acrobatic themes.  At times these three imagine that during a waltz, Thelonious Monk might run into Sergueï Prokofiev, some other times they let us dream with their version of a David Lynch song. A refreshing trio dedicated to an ambitious project, away from the pressure of time.