Here is all the Jazz Migration #4 laureates gigs for the month of june 2019. House of Echo and No Tongues will visit Berlin for the 13th Jazzdor Strasbourg-Berlin festival whereas Melusine will deliver two shows in France : one in Chinon en Jazz and the other at the Respire Jazz Festival in Montboyer. House of Echo will also play at the Jazzpote festival in Thionville (France) in june 28th.

Tour – june 2019

06/06 House of Echo – Jazzdor Berlin / Allemagne
07/06 No Tongues – Jazzdor Berlin / Allemagne
08/06 Melusine – Chinon en Jazz / Chinon
28/06 House of Echo – Jazzpote / Thionville
29/06 Melusine – Respire Jazz Festival / Montboyer