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They frequently created soundscapes which lift one into another dimension

- Oliver Weindling (London Jazz News)

YOU, a trio which has emerged from the Rouen-based collective Les Vibrants Défricheurs, can turn itself to jazz, post-rock, blues, grunge, maloya, free, poetry, pop, noise, folk or groove. "I write as things come to me," is the phrase which drummer Héloise Divilly, originally from the island of La Réunion, often uses. She has found alter egos with whom communication is telepathic in the voice of Linda Oláh and the guitar of Guillaume Magne. The result? Their folk songs overflow like a volcano: with heat, light and sparks. They gave the title "Isles" to their stunning first EP, released in 2019. And for a trio so attracted to freedom, so open to the winds and the currents, it rings completely true.