Identifying, supporting, offering professional and artistic support, while producing more than 100 dates each year in France and abroad for the developing French scene, this is the aim of JazzMigration supported by AJC, a festival and jazz venues network. 230 musicians, more than 1100 concerts, days and hours of training and professional support… numbers were not enough to celebrate 20 years of this unique project.

Remembering its growing value, its increasingly influence, its constant focus to young creation would be a step closer to recognition. Gathering 20 artists from Jazz Migration on stage, including Emile Parisien, Théo Ceccaldi, Leïla Martial or Laurent Bardainne for an outstanding evening, this is how we chose to celebrate this anniversary.

On November 30th 2022, a succession of improvised performances took place at La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues : small bands, large ensembles, resurgences of the past as well as new repertoire with one of the most attractive line-up that French jazz and improvised music scene has known!

From the duo Parisien/Ceccaldi, to “La Valse des 20 ans” played by Leila Martial, Christophe Girard and Heloise Divilly, from Guillaume Machaut piece revisited by Hélène Duret, Morgane Carnet, Fidel Fourneyron and Raphaël Quenehen, to Limousine by Laurent Bardainne extended with a string quartet including Clément Janinet, Bruno Ducret, Maëlle Desbrosses, Théo Ceccaldi, until the final highlight, a blast of 20 musicians on the well known “Steve Reich in Babylone” covered many times by Jazz Migration bands : MeTaL-o-PHoNe, Jean-Louis, Radiation 10.

More than 2.5 hours of music looking like this rich and complete program : Tek Noise, waltz, flourishing and folk compositions from Papanosh, progressive jazz from Limousine, “ritournelle” from Clément Janinet, free music from Morgane Carnet and Aymeric Avice, etc. 

Aymeric Avice – trumpet
Jazz Migration 2009 with Jean Louis 

Laurent Bardainne – saxophone
Jazz Migration 2006 with Limousine

Morgane Carnet – saxophone
Jazz Migration #6 with FANTôME

Théo Ceccaldi – violon
Jazz Migration 2014 with Théo Ceccaldi Trio

Maëlle Desbrosses – viola
Jazz Migration #7 with Suzanne

Héloïse Divilly – drums
Jazz Migration #5 with YOU

Bruno Ducret – cello
Jazz Migration #6 with La Litanie des Cimes

Hélène Duret – clarinet
Jazz Migration #7 with Suzanne

Fidel Fourneyron – trombone
Jazz Migration #1 with Un Poco Loco

Christophe Girard – accordion
Jazz Migration #4 with Mélusine

Christophe Hache – double bass
Jazz Migration 2005 with Stefan Orins Trio

Clément Janinet – violin
Jazz Migration #6 with La Litanie des Cimes

Paul Jarret – guitar
Jazz Migration #2 with Pj5

Antonin Leymarie – drums
Jazz Migration 2012 with Impérial Quartet

Leïla Martial – voice
Jazz Migration 2014 with Leïla Martial Group

Sébastien Palis – piano
Jazz Migration 2013 with Papanosh

Emile Parisien – saxophone
Jazz Migration 2009 with Emile Parisien Quartet

Raphaël Quenehen – saxophone
Jazz Migration 2015 with Petite Vengeance

Anne Quillier – piano
Jazz Migration #2 with Watchdog

Jean-François Riffaud – bass
Jazz Migration #1 with Electric Vocuhila

Benjamin Flament – coordination
Jazz Migration 2011 with MeTaL-O-PHoNe