We are happy to announce the 4 bands who will take part to the next Jazz Migration promotion in 2016 and 2017:

PJ5 – sponsored by the Paris Jazz Festival
Paul Jarret: guitar, composition
Maxence Ravelomanantsoa: tenor sax
Leo Pellet: trombone
Alexandre Perrot: double bass
Ariel Tessier: drums

Post Ksponsored by Théâtre 71 – Scène Nationale de Malakoff
Jean Dousteyssier: clarinet, bass clarinet
Benjamin Dousteyssier: alto and tenor saxophone
Matthew Naulleau: piano
Elie Duris: drums

Quartuor Machaut – Quentin Biardeausponsored by Scène Nationale d’Orléans
Quentin Biardeau: tenor saxophone
Simon Couratier: baritone saxophone
Francis Lecointe: alto and baritone saxophone
Gabriel Lemaire: alto and baritone saxophone

Watchdogsponsored by Le Périscope
Anne Quillier: piano, Fender Rhodes, Moog
Pierre Horckmans: clarinet, bass clarinet

The 4 bands were nominated through an election process opened for the first time to 90 promoters inside and outside AJC’s network (clubs, festivals, nationals theatres, cultural centres, etc).

These young artists have followed a training period until December 2016 :

  • a 3-day residency in their sponsor’s venue
  • theoretical trainings
  • meetings with foreign professionals

In 2017, the 4 laureates will be on tour in France and Europe, for more than 80 gigs !

If you are interested to participate to the tour, please contact AJC: tiphaniemoreau@ajc-jazz.eu