In 2016, AJC is offering a new development to the project: 4 bands are now selected and will receive an artistic and professional support: residencies, training sessions. From now on, AJC will also be in charge of booking these bands in France and in Europe.

On 1st December 2015, an opening concert has been held at the Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues in Pantin, while both public and professionals could come and hear this year’s laureates, before they embark on their tour of over 60 scenes in France and Europe.

This year’s laureates are:

Chromb! – sponsored by A Vaulx Jazz
Léo Dumont: drums
Camille Durieux: keyboard, piano, chorus
Lucas Hercberg: bass, effects, chorus
Antoine Mermet: alto sax, voice, synthesizer

Electric Vocuhila – sponsored by Tribu Festival
Maxime Bobo: sax, keyboard
Jean-François Riffaud: bass, percussions
Boris Rosenfeld: guitar
Etienne Ziemniak: drums

Schwab Soro – sponsored by Jazzèbre
Raphaël Schwab: double bass
Julien Soro: alto sax

Un Poco Loco – sponsored by D’Jazz Nevers Festival
Fidel Fourneyron: trombone
Geoffroy Gesser: tenor sax, clarinet
Sébastien Beliah: double basse