Electric Vocuhila

Supported by: Tribu Festival

Un libre contrepoint de tous les instants qui prolonge l’héritage du trio d’Ornette Coleman de façon inespérée et progresse comme par petites rafales successives, singulièrement pénétrantes.

- Franck Bergerot, Jazz Magazine

Created in 2010 during a tour with a saxophone/drums duo in Berlin, Vocuhila plays music based in the repetition of melodic and rhythmic motifs and the use improvisation as an anchoring point.

On top of the initial duo, influenced by both free jazz and New Orleans marching band music, Vocuhila developed several different sub-groups: The acoustic trio : alto saxophone/double bass/drums playing free jazz inspired by the music of Ornette Coleman, Charles Gayle, Jemeel Moondoc and Matt Maneri. Electric Vocuhila, an electric group with saxophones, keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums expanding the aesthetic of the acoustic trio by adding elements of rock, high life, juju music, ethio jazz and free funk.
Vocuhila is a member of Capsul Collectif.


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